Homegrown with Halie: Homeschooling For the Real World – Ep. 78

December 19, 2023



In this episode of the Work Wherever podcast, hosts Roy and Halie share their experience of homeschooling their children and traveling during the holidays. They discuss the benefits of homeschooling, including flexibility and the ability to tailor education to each child’s needs and their latest trip to Great Wolf Lodge.


They also share their tips for traveling with children during the busy holiday season and Working Wherever, including how to respond to those who ask “what about the real world”.

Throughout the episode, Roy and Halie share personal anecdotes and insights into their own experiences with homeschooling and traveling during the holidays. Whether you’re a homeschooling parent or simply looking for tips on traveling with children, this episode is packed with valuable information and entertaining stories. Tune in now to join the conversation!

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