Ep.029 Talented AI, Buzzfeed & Saving Time

January 30, 2023



On this week’s episode of the Work Wherever Podcast, Roy & Sydney hotspot some recent remote work and automation articles. They’ll dive into why Buzzfeed and Microsoft are cutting jobs and investing in AI, and to how ChatGPT and low code/no code automation can help with the talent shortage. Plus, find out the unexpected results from a recent remote work study.

Articles Mentioned: Remote work saved workers 72 minutes per day, study finds https://statics.teams.cdn.office.net/evergreen-assets/safelinks/1/atp-safelinks.html

How automation, low code/no code can fight the talent shortage https://venturebeat.com/programming-development/how-automation-low-code-no-code-can-fight-the-talent-shortage/

BuzzFeed is the latest publisher to embrace AI-generated content https://news.yahoo.com/buzzfeed-is-the-latest-publisher-to-embrace-ai-generated-content-183129050.html?guccounter=1&guce_referrer=aHR0cHM6Ly93d3cuYmluZy5jb20v&guce_referrer_sig=AQAAAIoWs5fHYeaQ8pfguMePh9v8j0M51G8VcavaTX3P1Qi_MRqheQ7_8kwS-j3Ls8yuNhbQZYnwTeOwvqyvLG71CBMikLYnAe_OYPH1sCDYzXzG8TLsR7fa7y6peAmWawo2fzf1CVGKVqRzJGZjgOWdSaPEEtX_UGJ9geuYscLwOAbt


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