128: The Joy in Horror with Guests Mari Molege Van Heerden & Coco Lloyd of the Film The Heks

November 2, 2020



Mari Molege Van Heerden is a South African TV Star, Producer and Co-Star of the upcoming horror film “The Heks” we are also joined by Coco Lloyd who is an LA Based actress and star of the upcoming same upcoming film, the movie centres on a grieving British girl who tries to unravel her murdered mother’s secrets that are connected to south Africa and is set to be released in American Studios and video on demand December 15th.

  1. Your stories and road to film
  2. How you broke through and the mindset necessary to work in film
  3. Why horror?
  4. What is the best lesson that you learned through your journey
  5. Favorite Halloween stories/movies

Watch the Film:

Film Website: https://www.heksfilm.com/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/heks_film/?

News about the film: https://screenanarchy.com/2020/05/heks-watch-the-trailer-for-reine-swarts-south-african-horror.html

Connect with the Stars:

Mari : https://www.instagram.com/mari_molefe_van_heerden/

Coco: https://www.instagram.com/iamcocolloyd

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